We are Savand Bros

Cloud Computing
Web Design
Web Hosting
Develop & Deploy Online Shopping Stores
Online Marketing and Advertisement
Manage Advertisement Campaigns
Planning Advertisement Campaigns

Food stuff of Iran & Russia
Import / Export of Persian Carpet
Electric Devices
Home Appliance

IT & Computing Services

Savand Bros helps businesses and individuals to transform their traditional business management to completely online, therefore it results in reducing the costs of maintenance, security risks while taking the Automation, Quality and Security to much higher levels.

We have helped many companies, from small retailers to big size organizations to take their business to much higher quality.

Savand Bros software development services covers small website up to very complex software platforms with tons of thousands of moving gears. All the designed and launched systems by Savand Bros can be deployed to your own data center or on our servers in any location in the world with  24/7/365 monitoring maintenance.

Source the Best Price & Terms

We find, negotiate and source the exact fuel specification from trusted sellers and refineries.

Cooperating to help and Due Diligence

There are many sellers and suppliers, but how can you trust a seller or a mandate or mandate company, intermediaries, brokers and this whole chain of groups and individuals. Verifying a genuine source is not an easy task that can be done over internet only. We have the capability to verify, spot and differentiate a genuine and trustworthy seller from a fake one.

Proven Sellers & Buyers

We have worked with many sellers and buyers over the time and we have a great list of buyers that have long term contracts with the genuine sellers that we have arranged, as well as sellers that we brought direct buyers to them.

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