Aviation Kerosene Jet Fuel JP54

JP54 is Jet fuel A1, Colonial Grade 54. Jet fuels, or turbine fuels, are one of the primary fuels for internal combustion engines worldwide and are the most widely available aviation fuel. “JP” stands for “jet propulsion” The classification jet fuel is applied to fuels meeting the required properties for use in jet engines and aircraft turbine engines.

The jetffuels comes in a number of flavors, where a 100+ page handbook is needed to specify them all. Hower all the jetfuels relate to aditives to A1, such as to allow the plane not to leave a white stripe in the sky showing where a plane just passed.

Jet fuel is kerosene and not a distillate like Gasoil/Diesel.

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In the refinery, it separates above gasolines and paraffins.

So, no airline will ever purchase "JP54", there is no trading desk that will trade JP54 and you will find no oil company that sells "JP54". They will sell Aviation fuel A1 enhanced to a variety of specifications, most usual, the Colonial Grade 54. There is no ticker on the commodity exchanges for "Jp54" to allow you to see the market value of the product.

There is no special temperature considerations to consider. Remember that at 40 000 feet it is -46 Centigrade more or less regardless of where you are and the season. The only problem related to temperature is when you fill in wet, hot climate, the air you take alone in the same tanks contain a lot of water that condense and form spiking ice crystals that will destroy the jet turbine. The airlines will fix this with additives, usually fatty acids. Military grade jet fuel is produced by the refineries and delivered directly since they will require special additives.

How much jp54 can be made from one barrel of crude oil ?

Only about 15% of the crude oil is made into jp54 but the rest of it usually is made into other things such different types of plastics and such

How many gallons of jp54 jet fuel are in a metric ton ?

One metric ton = 72 barrels one barrels = 42 gallons so one metric tone of jp54 = 72 x 42 = 3024 gallons



Quick Details

Application: Fuel
Place of Origin: Russian Federation

Model Number:  JP54
Terms CIF & FOB

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