Crude Oil of Russia, Russian Export Blend Crude Oil

Russian Export Blend Crude Oil

Russian Export Blend Crude Oil is coming in two main qualities, Urals Blend and Siberian Light. Siberian Light has a lower sulphur content and lower viscosity than Urals Blend which is a mixture of crude oils consisting of Siberian Light with high sulphur oils produced in Russia’s European regions. REBCO (GOST 9965-76) is a medium gravity (API of 320) “sour” crude oil with a sulphur content of max. 1.8%.

Russia has its own oil grade called Urals. This oil is similar to the quality of Brent oil and is even better than WTI oil. The heavier the oil, the more expensive oil products one can produce by processing it.

Russia is the world's second largest producer of crude oil and also one of the world's top oil exporters. Russian export blend crude oil (REBCO) is a medium gravity sour crude that accounts for exports of approximately 4 million barrels per day into the Atlantic Basin or to other nearby refining markets.

Russia has several oil grades, including Russia’s main export grade, Urals blend. Urals blend is a mix of heavy sour crudes from the Urals-Volga region and light sweet crudes from West Siberia. The mixture and thus the quality can vary, but Urals blend is generally a medium (about 31°) gravity sour (about 1.4% sulfur content) crude oil blend and, as such, is generally priced at a discount to Brent crude. Siberian Light crude is a higher quality and thus more valuable when marketed on its own, but it can also be blended into Urals crude because of limited infrastructure to move it to market separately.

Sakhalin blend is loaded at the Prigorodnoye port, on the southern tip of Sakhalin Island.

The Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean (ESPO) blend came on stream in late 2009 and is a mix of crudes produced in several Siberian fields. The grade is exported through the recently constructed ESPO Pipeline to China as well as through Russia’s Pacific coast port of Kozmino to other Asian countries. ESPO blend is a fairly sweet, medium-light blend, with a typical gravity of 35.6°API and 0.48% sulfur content.




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Model Number:  Crude Oil / REBCO
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