Breakers Force Android Game by Savand Bros

Savand Bros releases “Breakers Force” Android game

Enter Breakers Force

We are pleased to announce the beta release of Breakers Force for Android OS on Google Play Store.

The game is a arcade/action game.

Get ready to survive the space mission!
Start with an endless mode with threats that get stronger and faster over time.

‘Breakers Force’ is currently in BETA stage, ad-free and no in-app purchases.


Tap or hold your finger on the screen to aim and shoot.
Hold your finger on your ship to activate the shield.


Collect stars each round to buy upgrades from the shop.


  • One finger to play and control the ship (tutorial level included).
  • Multiple ships with unique abilities to unlock.
  • Upgrade fire speed, rate, power, ship hitpoints, etc.
  • Shop for all ships, upgrades, and items with detail.
  • Bonus boxes to gain temporary upgrades or consumable items.
  • Flat design with beautiful explosion particles and 3D buildings.


In the future release the game will continue to have more advanced and fun features added.

Some of the future updates will include:

  • Boss fight.
  • Mix 3D objects and lights.
  • XP and Level system.
  • Shop items and consumables.
  • Global all time and weekly high score.
  • Daily gifts.
  • Daily challenges.
  • 2nd currency to the game (not just stars).
  • [DONE] Add tutorial mode.
  • More modes and levels.
  • More ships to unlock.
  • More ship upgrades.
  • More shop items and consumables.
  • More enemy ships with unique abilities.
  • More stats.
  • Improve particles and sound effects.
  • Improve graphics and space details.

On each new big improvement, we will announce on this blog.Download Breakers Force on Google Play


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