Due Diligence

Due Diligence on Seller & Buyer in Gas Oil

We are proud to announce that we are ready with all of our power and full commitment to perform Due Diligence on any Seller and Buyer of Gas Oil & Petroleum Products.

When dealing with seller, reseller, refinery or trading company, the due diligence is a big and bold factor and step to take carefully.

Why Due Diligence is important ?

There are many sellers and suppliers, but how can you trust a seller or a mandate or mandate company, intermediaries, brokers and this whole chain of groups and individuals. Verifying a genuine source is not an easy task that can be done over internet only. We have the capability to verify, spot and differentiate a genuine and trustworthy seller from a fake one.

The same idea goes for performing due diligence on the buyer side as well.

Just because you have received a nice crafted professional SCO (Soft Corporate Offer) that doesn’t mean you should consider the seller is who he or she is meaning is, especially when dealing with Russian Oil suppliers. Again the same goes for suppliers, when they receive LOI or ICPO they shouldn’t just get excited and go ahead with further procedure or god forbid a POP.

No, as any sane corporate or individual you need to take the necessary steps to verify the parties.

We at OOO “Savand Bros” will be alongside you to perform necessary due diligence and provide you with legal and valid proofs about our progress.

You can find about our Gas Oil & Petroleum Products page. we offer wide variety of Gas Oil products ready for export, supplied by trusted and proven refineries that we have dealt with previously.

In following posts, we will give you some tips regarding how to know if a company or individual might not be what you are looking for so you can save time, energy and money.

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