Savand Bros with having years of experience in international trading and business is ready to work with you for your next project.

  • Oil & Gas products.
  • Import/Export of goods to/from Russia and any place of world.
  • Tourism, travel, tour operating, transferring, flight and hotel booking.
  • Education in Russia.
  • IT & Cloud Computing.
    • Design and Develop websites.
    • Hosting and manage online software.
    • Backup & Recovery.
    • Security & Monitoring.
  • etc…


Our Mission

Savand Bros is committed to provide a high quality service with considering all and each steps of process to bring maximized benefits to customer.

We want to be known as strong, trustworthy and reliable with our discipline and commitment.

Our mission is to create a trading and business related platform.


Who We Are

Savand Bros is built by a group of dedicated individuals and companies who are enthusiast in the work they do and take it damn serious. We have the best minds within our fields working together as a cooperative rather than different business units in order to achieve a holistic approach to our products.

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